Tmall business tax is to clarify the view of the electricity supplier tax One divides into two

, the State Administration of Taxation issued yesterday on "adhere to the tax law to better serve economic development views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), clearly put forward to actively support the healthy development of the new format and new business models, "said to the tax authorities at all levels shall be specially organized this year for a new industry, new business models and comprehensive tax assessment tax inspection".

"opinions" issued, immediately triggered concern. Not long ago, the Internet has spread a "Tmall" merchant brush single "is more tax department required to pay taxes, some shops to" put up the shutters "message.

so, Tmall businesses want to tax? How should

electricity supplier tax?

"Tmall business tax" is to clarify the

in the "Tmall businesses are required to pay the tax" message, netizens drying out a rise of "Shanghai city of Minhang District State Taxation Bureau and Shanghai Local Taxation Bureau Minhang District branch" of the "Notice of inquiry", the main content that the related enterprises have "tax doubt", need self-examination. The news triggered a series of concerns: "business tax, commodity price to mean", "shops closed, how do the electricity supplier industry".

reporter to verify the Shanghai tax authorities. Relevant person in charge to clarify: the tax department did not carry out tax inspection for specific industries or specific enterprises, the inquiry is based on the daily work of the notice issued, there is no need for additional interpretation." The person also said, "Tmall on the Internet businesses are required to pay the tax" news speculation suspects. Tmall also said that the news is made up out of thin air, "the State Administration of Taxation on the Tmall business has never released tax policy or notice". Tmall also said that the outgoing message or tax is malicious peer competition. In this regard, Tmall has reported.

tax incentives to encourage the development of electricity providers


Bushui incident light not only allow electricity to the heart, do not worry about the price the buyer seller. The State Administration of Taxation of the "opinions" further to the electricity supplier 14th. The State Administration of Taxation said, will continue to improve the new formats, new business models of tax policy support system and management measures, to cultivate new economic growth points, and promote public entrepreneurship, innovation.

put forward the "opinions", the in-depth analysis of e-commerce, "Internet plus" and other emerging formats, new business models, and actively explore to support the development of tax policy measures. Especially in the initial stage, a small but promising, is conducive to the public business, innovation of new economy, we must strictly implement the corporate income tax, temporarily exempt from value-added tax and business tax policies, to prevent illegal tax phenomenon.

look at the electricity supplier tax

although the opinions reflect the tax authorities on electricity providers and other emerging formats support attitude, but according to the law is still the responsibility of each enterprise, even if the electricity supplier can not escape. E-commerce expert advisory committee member of the Ministry of Commerce Yang Jian contend

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