Virtual host is not limited to the flow of it

now hosts some operators say limited traffic, which is not restricted, it is not limited to, then we can be careful in type.

flow restriction

      network traffic is the direct limit, this restriction is usually the most severe one traffic restrictions, 10 g flow in support of 50 people online. Within the month flow after more than a month, in the website can normally access the solution is to upgrade the air or increase the flow of


two: CPU limit

      CPU restriction does not seem to limit IIS or network traffic, but because each program requires CPU certain quota, is a disguised form of traffic restrictions, usually displayed on a web page online too much is due to the CPU limit is too small to cause! Get the normal operation through a temporary refresh or after 15 seconds can the limit, usually 1% CPU equivalent to 20 IIS connection! It is important for the space limit of the CPU Forum Forum, once too small will not run


three: IIS limit

      IIS limit is now the most used, is also recognized by most users or hosts, is the only loose flow restrictions, usually 20 IIS equivalent to 1%cpu occupancy!

      in short, the virtual host virtually no unlimited, in general can be divided into three ways above, how do you choose depends on your needs, if your program is optimized for the CPU little program can choose to limit CPU, so you can get the biggest online play, if you are a beginner, or forum users, or website program in BBS, select the IIS limit or direct flow restriction is a good choice for


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