Second hand trading platform what are the differences between open and idle fish thinking

in Tokyo’s Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku shopping district and other large, China tourists are always in a continuous line, they or dragging suitcases around, or in the drugstore panic buying drugs. With Japan, as well as to the United States, Europe, more and more Chinese tourists to travel, the world is in a steady stream of goods to China, while the replacement of old and new items are likely to cause a large number of idle goods. In addition, the new white-collar class wardrobe, there are more and more clothes because of the trend and not used. There is no denying that China will produce a large number of second-hand idle goods in the future.

then, in our side, the life of a large number of white-collar workers, electricity, etc. various forms of sea Amoy shopping has brought great material for it, for these people, "broken homes" has become a new kind of life.

is in the era of great material wealth, the rapid rise of individual idle time, China is producing a huge online trading of idle goods market.

turn around: rich two generation of business reliable?

58 market is the United States Craigslist copycats, but apparently simple information model has been unable to meet the needs of users in the service, launched in 58 idle goods trading platform in order to simple transaction of information transformed into a platform service provider.

opened in 2016, a wave of "around" rich media advertising to let more people know this platform, and Yao Jinbo share in the circle of friends excitedly "around", a short time rushed to the App Store list.

Yao Jinbo even wrote about why he’s doing it. He wrote, the native C2C model, no doubt has its natural strong self growth ability, the user can only rely on a platform can automatically complete the interaction and transaction. But it is difficult to establish the connection between strangers because of the characteristics, so that C2C transactions, the user is difficult to establish trust and relevance. Domestic second-hand trading system has not been able to develop, there is an important reason is the lack of a good platform."

used for the construction of the platform, Yao Jin Paula on Tencent, WeChat’s social relationships chain may make it produce good results in the promotion of the beginning.

Yao Jinbo’s article also shared around the line on the day of a period of time to share some data: "around" November 12th day of on-line data since here, DAU (trading volume) exceeded 100 thousand, single volume 1137; compared to November 11th, the number of users rose to 516%, the number of registered users rose to 823%, posting user the number rose to 717%, the number of issued goods rose 704%.

however, commercial + social story, Jingdong, said the beautiful, in cooperation with the way other Tencent partners to try on WeChat, a variety of micro, micro shop also try to establish business ecosystem in WeChat, "around" can outperform the WeChat business cycle of


around the product leader Chen Lu admitted that, in fact, around the turn >