C2C site prospects of survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest

survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest. This is the way of nature.

Taobao first surpassed eBay, because it is to choose the most suitable when domestic demand mode of operation, and in recent years has become the industry leader, occupy a large share of much of the domestic C2C market, a single large.

to develop, you need to have competition, Taobao a dominant situation has lasted for several years, no strong competitors make Taobao during operation also highlights a lot of drawbacks, credit evaluation is not reasonable, to a lot of bad sellers opportunity, using the evaluation system of credit, to deceive buyers. The initial payment security system, but also makes the buyers at the time of payment is not assured, although Taobao has made great improvement on these drawbacks, but thanks to its competitors, Tencent and Baidu have the bright younger generation these pat.

Tencent pat by virtue of its strong QQ user base to do, to give Taobao a great impact, despite the use of the model is still Taobao, the results also occupy second of the domestic share.

in recent years, the operation state of view, seems to have been very satisfied pat possession of Tencent in the second position, pat did not make big innovation, have made a big move to pat on the packaging, publicity, improvement. The face of the remote Taobao, pat seems to have slowed down the pace of catch-up, second is enough. However, as Baidu has the strong on the line, pat already feel second position was not so comfortable, not to take Tencent such as some improvement, innovation, promotion, second position, is likely to be the Baidu has ah. As we know, pat without a strong QQ user group as a support, operation effect will be greatly reduced, the next step, pat Tencent should be improved in unique advantages, can not be Taobao end up farther, will not be the bright younger generation smoothly exceeds Baidu has ah. Because, through Baidu has ah on the line so far to make the action, whether it is innovation or propaganda efforts, Baidu’s ambition is far beyond the pat ah, but Taobao. Even greater ideals.

why do you say that, as we all know, there is no innovation, it would not go beyond, Baidu has ah just started to make innovation system innovation, credit evaluation, "Baidu has ah" for Taobao before the credit system defects of the "virtual goods and physical goods in the credibility of separation" system to a certain extent the seller’s information more transparent, for buyers to provide more secure credit guarantee, but also provides a relatively fair competitive environment for sellers. This is undoubtedly a major innovation in the system of products. Today, this big innovation, Taobao has been in use. From this point, compared to the operation of the five year old Taobao, walking in front of Taobao. It seems that competition can really make progress.

look at the innovative mode of shopping, Taobao and Pat has been in use or eBay shopping mode, and Baidu has a shopping cart system, so that buyers are able to freely buy a variety of goods, can be checkout, this is undoubtedly the.