The real name system approaching more than 2 thousand small stone faced shengsijie shop

State Administration for Industry and Commerce drafted the Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related services to develop management "(Draft)" has positive public comments on the draft, the individual in the online shop to the real name registration, the conditions of the need to apply for business registration. Consumers in the online shopping, you can ask for electronic shopping vouchers to rights.


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interpretation of the new regulations

open shop will be real name registration

draft regulations, natural person engaged in commodity trading and related services through the network, the operators shall apply to the online trading platform service, submit the name and address of the real identity information. With the conditions of registration, the registration of industrial and commercial registration.

operators to provide online trading platform service should be temporarily with the industrial and commercial registration, real identity information for natural persons to provide goods or services on the Internet for review and registration, establishment registration files and regularly verify and update the personal identity, record information and transaction records and other information shall be kept at least two years.

has a business license of legal person or any other economic organization or individual industrial and commercial households, online commodity trading and services should be engaged when the electronic link identifier on its homepage or engage in business activities of "open to the public license prominently posted or its business license information.

– Interpretation of

Reporters from the city

Shi Industrial and Commercial Bureau learned that the Council since the second half of 2008 has started to build an online database for local online shopping business, the business registration information database according to the existing internal network, and cooperation with local telecom operators, screening for each IP address after that. The content includes the name, telephone number, person in charge, IP address, etc. of the Internet to the sales enterprise and individual shopkeeper.

, the system statistics show that the current stone city Internet sales companies have more than 1 thousand and 500, there are more than 2 thousand and 100 individual shop." Shijiazhuang city industry and Commerce Bureau, responsible person, but we estimate that the individual shop in the database registered in the city accounted for 1/10 of the total number of individual shop less than."

at present, Hebei has not yet opened the shop to do specific provisions on how to implement the future, but also the official introduction of the management approach." The person in charge said.

electronic shopping vouchers can rights

of consumers reflect the quality of goods online and more concentrated rights uneven in quality difficult situation, the draft stipulates that the network operators and network service providers to consumers to issue a purchase or service voucher, shall comply with the relevant regulations of the state or business practices; consumer demand, network operators and network service providers issue a purchase or service voucher. The operator shall be issued. With the consent of the consumer

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