Lack of e commerce lack of people lack of money out of stock

asked to do e-commerce to see what is missing, the universal answer is so hypocritical, what lack of wisdom, lack of skills, lack of courage what, since I am going to do business, I still lack what courage, rather than to the point of actual things, as I said, is the lack of money, a lack of people, but the goods. Why do I say this, many bosses since the company opened electricity supplier, and the source of human capital that is certainly no problem, but in fact these is what you need, although there are people with money supply, but compared to the competitors, what advantages do you have? You say people have method skills, are these methods and skills are not by people who want to come out of



missing two people, one is to help you do things, one is to look at your products, it is easy to find one that can help you do things, but if it is holding the mentality to work for you people, always just take your pay attention to your sales.

I do a little experiment, find a few telephone call in the past, that is to work with them, but their phone is connected to the front desk, not listening to my self introduction to hang up the phone, according to this mentality to do one thing, cooperation is not alone may, I think is also very easy to miss the customer call, remember that I made a design of the phone company, they said the website does not open, they hope to solve the front desk, said: "I am not responsible for the website" and then hang up the phone.

In a

is that we talk about our products, I’m not saying that people who buy our products, people want to buy your product, you must ask someone to see you, I believe that the transformation of every industry rate may reach 100%? Even the banks have competition don’t you dare say that your product is the world is the one and only? If really is the one and only product, then your conversion rate was 100%. If not, then we need more users, such as 10 thousand day visit, 100 conversion (conversion rate is very low), so there are 9900 people in what? Yes, it is the user, we need to train them to become loyal users, we need 9900 people to help us to do the word propaganda, is certainly not every to be able to do it, even if there are 100 people to help you do your mouth and give them the gift products are never mind, this way of marketing is marketing nature, can quickly make a brand to.

lack of money


has opened a company is short of money? We should think about the reason why the company to be listed, listed the main reason is nothing more than to allow more people to invest in, then why have the ability of listed companies and others to invest? It is not short of money?

if you want to continue to grow the company, recruit more newbier characters, then you must prepare thick funds to advance, a very simple example, Tencent to buy shares of the Jingdong, the Jingdong what benefits? Look at WeChat, look at the QQ, most of the ads are Beijing >

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