Google Adsense part of the rules on the back

The Google Adsense clause has relatively strict rules on the page and code with the launch, but a lot of content is not as we think, in a sense there is a tendency of many rules and targeted.

1, do not compete in the competitive advertising  

Google Adsense expressly prohibits the appearance of other content on the same page Search (Target Ads), but also prohibit the same site and Adsense for related to any search ads. Many people will be asked whether the content can appear in different location advertising on the page, I think this issue from Google Adsense was not a sure that, in our opinion, if your site has a certain degree of dependence is best not to make similar attempts to Google Adsense, after all, is the competitor’s advertising, no and the company is willing to accept, and we have plenty of reasons why these factors will affect the account after the end of the recovery and re apply.

2, the same IP click valid cycle  
4, copyright materials

Google Adsense has changed its policy on copyright material, which was previously banned from advertising on the pages of copyright materials

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