Group purchase website Baotuan to join the alliance can solve the problem is the key

at the end of October, China International Electronic Commerce Center released the first "electronic business credit certification rules", and the 29 group purchase website released the first batch of credit certification. Now, some of the site to buy their own holdings into a league, the introduction of their own certification standards. "Card" out of doors, originally in order to control the chaos in the market and the introduction of group purchase certification, certification standards now they mess up, group purchase market more chaos.

YeePay recently established the first group purchase alliance, to join the group purchase website including Beijing group, group purchase king, Soufangwang 18 group purchase website. There are not some well-known small group purchase website, but also there is no lack of excitement like group, Chinese public network, and did not eat such a swanlike influential group purchase sites have joined the group purchase alliance. YeePay said the alliance will be based in a small group purchase group purchase website of the survival and development needs of members to join the alliance can get large and medium-sized businesses YeePay more than 20 thousand and commodity resources, and realize the unified procurement, unified management and unified sales group.

day before, for a variety of situation and the significance of the implementation of the group purchase of IT Business News Network reporter connection YeePay vice president Yu Chen: "there is a lot of small group purchase website facing every day do not know what launched goods, no business resources and missed opportunities, and adding YEEPAY Union merchant group purchase group purchase can use YeePay platform more than 20 thousand contracted businesses, get high-quality business resources and preferential commodity information in the first time, so as to realize the sharing of resources, mutual benefit. Alliance has a shared resource, and now many of the group is also in the business to buy their own integrity increase weight. The website for most commodities is the group purchase beauty salons, catering, entertainment, ticket information, this information is usually not for online operation and questioned through the third party payment platform, more than the total also said it is a supplement to the industry, the value of group purchase is the biggest win.

this is a very meaningful thing.

YeePay union is the establishment of group purchase, third party payment YeePay and group purchase website platform, system integrity review group purchase website intervention. It can bring to the development of the industry in the industry, we first set up a group buying alliance, but also hope that with the third party to achieve the user and the business of the double protection and risk control system. After all, payment is the most important part of shopping. The establishment of the alliance is a good carrier to help pay, to solve the supply, etc.. We still have a certain threshold for the presence of the Group buy site."

electronic commerce center China analyst Fang Yingzhi told reporters: "the current market alliance or certification, feelings are similar, the main problem is to see into the alliance or the certification can bring consumers the actual service quality improvement, to solve consumers. Buy as a new Internet service industry, the development prospects are good, is expected in 2010 China’s group buying market turnover is expected to reach 1 billion yuan. However, some people are more optimistic about this forecast, 2011 will exceed 10 billion

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