Why do you need to do the drill shop promotion

train, drill exhibition, Taobao customers called Taobao pay flow even already old 3, micro Amoy, Amoy love free promotion way, but is still the youngest member has businesses seriously, especially made great achievement through the way of promotion is even more so.

from these three ways to promote the analysis, Taobao customers undoubtedly the highest price. Because it is a commission will be paid after the transaction, will not waste unnecessary promotional costs, so it is the preferred business. Although Taobao customer price ratio is high, but the conversion rate is the worst one in these three kinds of promotional tools, but this does not affect the degree of attention to the business for Taobao customers.

train relative Taobao customers, the conversion rate will be much higher, because buyers are direct search keywords into the page, see love baby will click, and baby after the transaction will bring about a certain weight, increase the natural search traffic. As a result, but there is always a little foundation of the shop will open the train, even if only to play the key words to promote this way.

drilling exhibition than Taobao and through the car’s price is low, but many businesses have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to study drilling exhibition, especially the big seller is so. Exactly what magic drill exhibition attract these sellers are bored to play the


for example, after the analysis can know the clue.

first look at a formula: Sales = flow * conversion * customer price


and sales include the amount of advice to pay, the amount of silence. Traffic includes four parts: paid traffic, free traffic, independent access, other stations. The conversion rate includes the conversion rate and the conversion rate. Customer price, including advisory unit price, silent customer price.


a businessman in the formulation of the monthly sales target, the initial projections in 2012 of November, the lowest sales of 22 million 500 thousand yuan, up to $27 million. The highest goal is to combine the actual situation of the store and the natural growth rate of the overall environment and other factors, with a certain degree of objectivity.

in order to achieve this sales, it is necessary to break down the task to the relevant departments, so as to put in place. And from the formula can be learned that the conversion rate and customer price is expected to improve in the short term is difficult, especially when the magnitude of the increase is more than doubled when so. Therefore, only from the flow up effort. The free flow, independent visits and other three kinds of traffic outside the station within a month to have a big increase is not realistic, and finally summed up only through the payment flow.

through train and Taobao passengers although the price is relatively high, but the flow is a bottleneck. In the cosmetics category, the train opened Star shop, shop promotion, promotion, targeted keyword promotion, according to the 1 flow 5 yuan a day, most can only consume 5>

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