Details determine the success of e commerce marketing

now the market competition is fierce, everywhere said e-commerce is not good. Whether it is engaged in special industries or the funeral, the popular clothing industry, whether it is in the China Qingming net, or in the Alibaba, or in the. This kind of voice can be heard everywhere, but no matter how the market competition, the business will continue to do. There is a saying that the details determine success or failure, the same applies in the field of e-commerce. If you look closely at the good seller, you will find a lot of ways in your opinion is subtle, but in fact very useful. The following combination of analysis.

problem 1: see my product less

this is a common problem, no one has an absolute answer. But if you don’t want to pay for an ad, you’ll have to run by yourself, just like the market. Even if you have paid for advertising, but also to run their own, in order to enhance efficiency. So that’s another question. You have to learn how to communicate with people on the internet. However, whatever you do, you must first know what the customer wants, which is the starting point of all work.

wrong behavior: (1) as long as the Internet opened a shop, waiting for customers to come. In this era, there are so many good things will come. (2) to the group in other places, in a hair advertising. I do not believe that many people like to see the ads, so your Kung Fu is basically wasted. So whether it is in the QQ group, or in the prosperous group, is still so busy prawns, please rest.

how to do: for example, now the industry e-commerce has the difficulty, I told you have learning materials, I am willing to share out, write a part, another part of you directly to a site to see. You go to see the process, how much I have seen the other parts of the site, if there is an intention to be able to exchange it, the exchange also means business opportunities.

problem two: to see my products more people, less disk search.

most of the site is to allow potential customers quietly, and quietly away, it is a waste. So, be sure to use a skill, so that most users who visit your site are willing to leave contact information. If things go on like this, it has accumulated a number of potential customers list, then you carry out operations carried out according to the list, let potential customers willing to accept the database marketing strategy, they will gradually become your customers. Such as some of the members of the shop in the recruitment of promotions.

three: difficult to develop customers, and repeat purchase rate is not high

the cost of developing a new customer is several times higher than the number of times that the old customer continues to buy.

1, database marketing: regular push to the customer to the customer valuable information, and reasonable with product promotion advertising.

2, preferential policy. Shop in the common way is a coupon, etc., the same customer to buy a few discount, amount >

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