United States spent fifteen years to complete the listing of the audience had no interest

January 22, 2016, Gome (0493.HK) announced that the acquisition of the art of the agreement has been approved by the general meeting of shareholders". With the 590 stores of the art of Wei into the listed company, the United States finally completed the listing of the road lasted for fifteen years. Ten years ago, eight years, but this "big news Shuabing", but today few people mentioned.

was the Soviet hegemony with the rise of the electricity supplier, the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, Suning’s first Jingdong all grab the limelight, but at any rate and the market value of about 80000000000. Wong Kwong Yu loses freedom, "conservative" gradually "behind", the market value of Gome Suning has been less than 1/5


June 2004, the 65% equity interest in the United States was injected into the main board listed companies in Hongkong, the soaring price of Wong Kwong Yu topped the list of the richest man in the list of Hu Run. Some of the financial media exclaimed "Wong Kwong Yu eye dazzling financial skills. In fact, Wong Kwong Yu’s capital operation ability into the shell, just passable, part of the assets of the part of the interest, loaded on the part of the assets of the residual equity, the group listed as a whole…… Set "standard action" even with a full fifteen years, and had the shape of God does not like, not like in italy." # flying a headless fly dazzling #

today, Gome shares held by Wong Kwong Yu’s market capitalization is only 5 billion, not the words of non listed assets fell out of the top 500 Hu Runfuhao

!The road is long, a lot of flawed

in the United States very influential in Wong Kwong Yu, while looking for opportunities in the A stock market, while the sights of Hongkong. At the end of 2000, Wong Kwong Yu on JINGWAH automation (0493.HK) started.

Wong Kwong Yu was first in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) was registered by SCL SCL, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Sino (Huacheng Technology) to HK $25 million 680 thousand to buy three units Eagle Building B block 19 layer (but only to pay the $10 million).

December 2000, JINGWAH automation announcement to HK $12 million in cash plus cost of the acquisition of these properties to Wong Kwong Yu. Wong Kwong Yu handed down the first payment of the three suites, fell on the hands of a listed company to obtain a 16% stake of HK $12 million in cash (the largest shareholder holdings fell to 22%).

listed companies they do not pay Shoufu? Turn a corner, not only to pay HK $2 million, more important is the "white out" the second largest shareholder, it is a monstrous absurdity. It also has the shortcoming # selfless #

March 2002, Wong Kwong Yu subscribed to HK $0.1 per share 1 billion 350 million shares and individual shares reached 85.6%. JINGWAH automation Chinese renamed eagle, which marks the completion of the sale of housing transactions 0493.

due to the Listing Rules of Hongkong prohibit the new largest shareholder in 24 months to inject assets. Then, Chinese Eagle spent HK $495 million to "unaffiliated third parties" acquisition of Yi wei. >

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