Poor webmaster are Bo silly DC must see

        early because I didn’t do for my website promotion, just on the web because of technical problems, so in the forum a few outdated message for help, and later because the exchange is not convenient, so I created a webmaster exchange group, through a week since the exchange. I don’t know "stationmaster" we are poor. In fact, the owners have been deceived, and participated in a IDC planning Bo silly game.

              who is the biggest winner of the information about the "garbage station to make money", is to make something happen by exaggerating it. IDC space, in order to host domain name sales continue to preach the various modes of profiting, makes many owners see the online "earn a month how much" grassroots "fortune" webmaster case "interview" etc.. We understand the webmaster industry to drill. But let’s have a scientific analysis. In fact, the Internet China people really are not many, a total of more than 100 million points, the average daily twenty million people online. Sina, NetEase and other large away parts, pornography, games and most go to find information, the real number of real browsing the garbage station has? I’m not here to fight against the owners, profit is still possible, but we have to know that these money is not to make us these people as competitors’ old webmaster who took out the example. I also don’t want to say that those who rely on their own hype hype stand of the webmaster, I said is the dumpster, garbage station of the various means of profit, all kinds of proof material, is the old webmaster themselves out of it? Are they stupid? How selfless are they? No, it isn’t! Low key is the unwritten rules of the garbage. Where did the data (not all) come from? If a batch of "new Adsense", especially the garbage webmaster constantly emerging, the biggest beneficiaries who? All know garbage station hardware occupancy is relatively large, the general minimum flat-share, almost all need hosting point". This is definitely not a small number ah.

              makers say why garbage is willing to act as such information for IDC and communicators: some garbage is the first station to write their own profit model, to earn the eyeball, then we need to do a positioning of the garbage, understand the rules of the Bo silly people know, makers only need to start, and then create a knucklehead game continue making rules, in this game, the game continues to continue to have two rules. The first one is "flow", this rule can make garbage owners banded "drinking poison to end thirst" this rule can make the hardware, constantly increasing demand (expand income), the second rule is "resource" >

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