Ali announced the integration of Taobao Tmall Zhang Jianfeng into a new person in charge of Juhuasua

original title: Tmall president was dismissed


Times News (reporter Zhu Jianhe) yesterday, the Alibaba within the group of personnel appointment announcement, Taobao president Zhang served as Alibaba China retail platform jiann Fong Li responsible person, in charge of Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan, and report to the Alibaba group COO Zhang Yong. While Tmall President Wang Yulei was dismissed, but the announcement did not disclose its new duties. This is the second in March last year, after a large change in Taobao Tmall executives, one year after another year of Alibaba electricity supplier system executives change.

in the announcement, Ali said, we look forward to the new team in the support of everyone to achieve universal Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan’s territory." At the same time Ali said, by a person in charge of Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan will be conducive to the integration of resources and unified planning of the three platforms, and be strengthened and protected in the form of organization. Alibaba latest report shows that in 2014 China’s total retail transactions Alibaba 787 billion yuan (about $127 billion), an increase of 49%. Among them, the transaction volume from the Taobao platform was 494 billion yuan, an increase of 43% from the Tmall platform trading volume was $293 billion, an increase of 60%. Public information display, the Alibaba China retail platform leader Zhang Jianfeng joined Alibaba in 2004, served as a technical architect, later served as vice president of Taobao and other positions, one of its partners is the Alibaba group.

March 2014, Alibaba announced for Tmall and Juhuasuan’s Zhang Jianfeng to succeed Zhang Yu as president of Taobao, and Tmall vice president Wang Yulei served as president of Tmall, to make up for the time been promoted to the Alibaba group COO Zhang Yong left vacant by the. In the past year, Taobao in the "large and full" in the transition to try, try to popular C2C platform to gather gradually dissipated, and Ali executives increasingly valued Tmall embarked on a "small is beautiful" of the way, and constantly improve the merchants settled threshold.

of Zhang Jianfeng speak and act like Ma

is like the sudden change in March last year, Ali explained about the electricity supplier system executive changes vague still caused a lot of speculation about. The ousted president Wang Yulei served as Tmall Alibaba business cooperation and marketing manager, Taobao senior director and vice president of Tmall group, long-term follow Alibaba COO Zhang Yong. The idea that Wang Yulei’s dismissal is affected during last year’s double eleven hammer mobile phone sales data error and Tesla in Tmall failed, there is also the view that Ali is not satisfied with the performance of Tmall executives. In this regard, Alibaba stakeholders responded that this is just a normal personnel changes, should not be over interpreted.

for the future will in charge of Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan three platform Zhang Jianfeng insider commented on, Zhang is a Alibaba, "the old man" style even accent like Ma.

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