Beautiful said on the line a shot that sell feature to create a social electricity supplier model

recently, based on the creation of millions of MM together with the practice of the United States to change the shopping community to share – beautiful said the official release of the 6.0.0 version, the biggest bright spot in the version of the one shot that sell function. "One shot that sell" function for the discerning fashion enthusiasts to provide the most convenient way to sell goods, cell phone camera, a shot that sell. In addition, at the same time taking pictures, you can also add voice description, geographic location, group chat features, to bring customers a new shopping experience. The feature has become a beautiful model of social electricity providers to create a model to strengthen the C2C business innovation.

"each girl is eager to the United States, the need to find the beauty of the heart, and in the guidance, the impact can be more beautiful, beautiful said to help girls make market consumption upgrade." When talking about the creation of the original intention of beauty, said Wang, director of product new meters. After nearly 5 years of development, the beauty is no longer just rely on Taobao, simply grab the goods shopping guide platform, but actively upgrade the product, seeking to transform the social networking platform. The one shot that sell the new feature on the line, a beautiful mobile Internet based social networking platform to explore the background.

Wang Xinmi introduced: initially, the beauty of the back of the entire network of goods, after a key grab, the product will be focused on the platform, relying on the purchase of landing, to achieve vision sharing. And now is the era of mobile Internet, mobile phones bring us the most intense impact, which means that everyone can truly connect. On this basis, the beauty of the product form can be said to give users some fresh experience."

it is understood that a shot that is the two main features of the sale: first, to be able to show the real people in front of the user, the two is a real photo restore the product itself. The seller said the client through a beautiful one shot that sell feature, so that the production of goods to produce photographs of their own two-dimensional code, sharing on WeChat, micro-blog and other social platforms. Customers do not need to download the beauty of the client, the identification of two-dimensional code directly through WeChat, banks and other payment methods to buy. The photos become the entrance of all the popular, but also a shot that is the function of the sale of the picture is the core explanation.

Wang Xinmi said: "fashion lovers" by a film that is sold "functions readily share pictures and add whenever and wherever possible, phonetic description is equivalent to the eyes of the global alliance, tens of millions of fashion lovers together, sharing their vision and taste. This function makes the beauty become good vision to find better the goods of the stage, not need to open a Taobao shop, only need to download the client, a mobile phone to shoot, you can put their eyes into pocket money."

a shoot that is not only the birth of the sale of the beautiful said that based on the rapid development of mobile Internet new exploration, but also based on a comprehensive upgrade of the social network trading patterns. In addition to the user through the photos into the buy site, can also enter the goods with the group chat, a detailed understanding of product information, find the common vision of the grade, friends, feelings bring social pattern of the electricity supplier of fresh shopping experience.

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