Cross border electricity supplier how hurdle nternet economy

with the world economic integration process, more and more economies began to merge, especially in the Internet economy, breaking the boundaries of the international economy, followed by the development of cross-border electricity supplier, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to the kinds of foreign goods, the purchase of various types through various forms of purchasing, sea Amoy, tourism etc. the foreign goods, which promote the development of the cross-border electricity supplier, more and more electricity providers began to focus on overseas capital operation, through various forms of cooperation and update overseas channels constantly enrich their own share of overseas markets and, in this war, more and more cross-border electricity began to hit the region’s electricity supplier brand and for the fierce market share, will enable the Internet economy towards a more prosperous direction.

hurdles economic explosion

with the Internet economy and the continuous development of the domestic consumption continued to take the heat, more and more business platform has become a hot subject of economic development, and e-commerce market in China continues to expand, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that as of June 2014, the market transaction China retail network reached 10856 billion yuan, the first half of 2013 reached 754 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 43.9%, mobile e-commerce market transactions accounted for about 1/4 of the total transaction network. Under the rapid development of the economic globalization and the trend of electronic commerce has brought the rich market space for cross-border e-commerce transactions, more and more business to start the layout of cross-border business, through cross-border business to acquire the world electronic commerce market share, the cross-border business as rising hurdles.

"railing" hampering cross-border economic

Although the

overseas market is another major electricity supplier platform development, but after all electricity suppliers overseas more fierce competition, although like Amazon has gone deep into the Chinese market, however, due to the domestic electricity supplier hungry firmly occupy the main market, so its development is not smooth, and every country has its own business platform, in overseas purchasing easily, when the expansion of overseas markets is not simple, and the overseas market, for genuine goods is difficult to control, will also increase the cost of logistics enterprises, commodity prices also rise, which in itself is not conducive to market sales, therefore, expand the overseas market is relatively limited a large, complete.

across every business "tailgate"

in the overseas market, although the market share is relatively large, but compared to the marketing is not too easy, it requires electricity providers to actively market deep and meticulous operation, avoid the operation of the market, through the "railing" market to occupy the market actively intensive and meticulous farming gap between the open market development space of strict control of the market, at the same time for product quality and logistics cost, more will advance the cost of enterprises in the marketing, the business enterprise can adapt to the development trend of localization and shopping concept, continue consultations with the alliance platform.

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