Taobao guest website traffic Commission with new tactics

now Taobao guest website is more and more, with the upstart like Youku, thunder and other well-known sites, ancient Amoy network site also has roots. I am a grassroots webmaster, mainly to do Taobao guest, engaged in a few months, the Commission did not earn much, the site traffic is mainly rely on Baidu and other search engines to come. But I still have some of my opinions and ideas on Taobao’s commission.

Taobao guest website, first need to ensure that the site traffic, the traffic on the site where? Some novice will choose to spend money to buy, but this traffic to have effect? Just a trick of self deception, or try not to good. The flow of new sites or have to rely on propaganda and other formal ways to get, as the forum more posts, Admin5 and other sites are soft text is a good choice. Because I was a part-time, do not have a good literary talent, the forum posts is not the bottom is removed, so it does not continue to do so. I now is mainly through the Admin5 website feeble Wen to promote my site.

through the propaganda site with the flow (ancient Amoy network is also only 200IP/ days of traffic), how to change the flow of Taobao passenger commission which I also based on the characteristics of my own website analysis summed up. First of all, my site is mainly released a number of fashion magazines and other articles compatible with Taobao guest promotion program, that is, there is an article management background and a Taobao customer promotion background. Secondly, the article management system is to borrow other people, and Taobao guest promotion program is to do their own. Finally, how can the article management system in the article to add to Taobao to promote the commodity becomes a problem.

if you manually add to Taobao to promote the product, not only tedious work, but also to promote the product over the period of time will fail, can not be a permanent promotion of effective results. According to the wisdom of the page to promote the concept of Taobao products will emerge. Through the study found that this function can be achieved, the use of js+asp with the use of. The use of JS program to get the web page keywords and the parameters passed to the ASP Taobao commodity generation program, and then the results returned to the JS, so that the completion of a call. And make calls with the Google plug-ins and other advertising code completely similar, only required in the web site to add plugin code can be used normally, so the static and dynamic encoding support all the web pages etc..


use this plugin can make a very good Taobao promotion of goods with the content are combined in the page, and to ensure a permanent and effective promotion, simplified Taobao promotion, the most important thing is to effectively improve website traffic into the Taobao passenger commission ratio, light off Taobao earn commissions. The ability of a friend can also look at their own, welcome to visit the message board exchange!

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