Blog advertising becomes climate

  blog site Engadget published last month, Microsoft will work with the beverage manufacturer Pepsi to carry out promotional activities, sending thousands of new Xbox game console. In this video game enthusiasts blow a pond, caused a sensation.

but neither company responded to the report. The news first appeared in mid April, after numerous video games and electronic equipment have quoted a blog site, time Public opinions are divergent. the marketing strategy of Microsoft, the topic from what to how much soda can irrigation in this war, this is not the only one to win the bottle.

industry analysts believe that a product can cause such a warm discussion in officially launched a few months before, this is the most important global advertisers and media giant in the rapid response of the blog world strategy. However, compared with the formation of a fundamental business model of the blog network, their footsteps may have fallen behind.

Publicis’s interactive media buyer Starcom IP manager Bakezhake Ze is expected, there will be a few blogs to develop enough users this year, get more advertising revenue; the near future there will be some company launched a blog, to establish a more immediate contact with consumers.

and Forrester Research research shows that 64% of businesses interested in blog advertising, but this year’s investment in this area may be only a small part of the total annual cost of $14 billion 700 million and network advertising.

has formed the scale of the media is not the blog advertising model as a direct threat, but they in the form of blog a little worried, worried that they will be the news blog unbridled opinion and blog game player humor upstaged.

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