Sampling analysis Taobao alliance Taobao shop promotion data

single product promotion and store promotion is the main direction of the promotion of Taobao customers, billions of passengers in the previous analysis of the promotion of a single product and a serious question, and this article focuses on the shop is two.

to do the first step in the promotion of the shop is to find the right, it is worth promoting the store, usually choose the Commission is more stable, good reputation, good store. After observation of more than 70 thousand shops, some data are as follows.

surveyed in the Taobao customers to promote a total of 73710 stores, the Taobao store promotion may be in total in 40 or so, which is about 20 000 before July 2009 to join the promotion, is also 1 years ago, the survey focused on the tens of billions of passenger are more than 1 years ago has been involved in the promotion of more mature shop.

in the 73710 stores in the last 30 days to produce commission expenditures of 15832, the proportion of 21.48%, which is all involved in the promotion of the shop, 8 is no 1 Commission within a month, a lot of high reputation shops do not generate commissions should have been spent promotion period, no longer become the object Taobao favored.

these stores accumulated spending Commission 2791977.81 yuan /30 days.

commission expenses > 10000 yuan shops have 35, total Commission of 1161953.31 yuan,

commission expenses > 5000 yuan shops have 77, total Commission of 1464127.85 yuan;

commission expenses > 3000 yuan shops have 125, total Commission of 1647821.32 yuan;

commission expenses > 2000 yuan shops have 175, total Commission of 1768143.56 yuan;

commission expenses > 1000 yuan shops have 327, total Commission of 1980275.77 yuan;

commission expenses > 800 yuan shops have 399, total Commission of 2044262.05 yuan;

commission expenses > 600 yuan shops have 502, total Commission of 2115026.84 yuan;

commission expenses > 500 yuan shops have 582, total Commission of 2158619.23 yuan;

commission expenses > 400 yuan shops have 727, total Commission of 2223539.34 yuan;

commission expenses > 300 yuan shops have 941, total Commission of 2297135.68 yuan;

commission expenses > 200 yuan shop has 1346 >