Who will protect vulnerable groups of information security

signature: now many of the so-called web alliance company, many are in the collection of affiliate id photocopy of the. And claimed that only in this way can pay commission, otherwise all income does not pay.

excuse me, who gave you the right to collect copies of your membership card?

who can protect our information security?

originally, full-time webmaster because there is no work support, there is no company support, but also to protect the law to drink less, living expenses on those advertising fees.

and everyone is a mixed network, you should also know the importance and harm of privacy.

network era, a lot of crooks, fake ID cards are also many, forged identity cards are where to come?

alliance security issues:

current situation, a so-called company alliance, this is not the end of the day is the collapse of the road, look at the League of Admin5 how many league dead? The alliance is dead, the personal information of our webmaster?

left a cell phone number in the league, but also the day by the individual alliance spam messages.

and, before there are members of the outdated revealed that a union had sold members of the information to make money.

PR website alliance, even a privacy policy are not, also want you to protect the Id photocopy of us?

some alliance excuse is: bank transfer need to produce identity cards. Do you think we have not done remittances, which bank account transfer to each other’s identity card copy?

currently need to provide identity cards to pay for the Union:

www.linktech.cn (Korea Kurt company)



if there are other alliances, wish to add…

why are there so many alliances that don’t need them? What on earth do you mean?

personal identity loss due to the identity of the case:

fraudulent use of identity cards and bank cards do, overdraft ten thousand cash

Alibaba Forum: customers should not provide a copy of ID card

ID card was cloned, but the real owner claims compensation 300 thousand

for female college students leave a copy of ID card, but was used to register the company guarantee leisurely, lead to significant compensation in the case of

with others ID card for mobile phone cards, malicious arrears, causing major losses

online anti addiction system so many fake ID information where to?

ID card was forged, identity theft, causing much damage?


legal protection has been less webmaster, we need to use their own behavior to protect >

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