The registration task Wangzhuan experience sharing

I do have a characteristic, is not cheating, no matter SEO or website planning or not cheating. Especially with the registration task, the use of registered machine, using bulk mail, use the QQ group, is not always the best way to solve the user, it is false. Many friends said that now not false is equal to the bound myself, but I always think that today you do more than others, will get some what.

in the data bank to do the registration task, put aside the conversion rate of this assessment, invite customers to download links and other aspects of sharing.

the first to invite registration, the use of your contacts, friends of the network

invited to register a problem is that the invitation code is not a good registration, there are a lot of registration is to bypass the invitation link, the user directly registered, unless the site registration closed, only allowed to invite registration. In the invitation to register, but also the direct registration of the case, a lot of people will bypass the invitation, direct registration. In such a registration task, it is important to have contacts, so that through the commentary, so that many long-term use of target customers. But this is the amount of registration, it is very slow, the effect is not obvious, but also can not reach the basic amount of registration. So many of them are concise statements with links to illustrate the benefits of registration. So according to their friends, mail, or MSN, QQ, or classification do not write different statements.

                second classification of fishing


classification of fishing is the marketing work, so careful, after the classification of the audience classification

For example, some

marketing friends, I will write these words: want to get super super good use of marketing tools and experience? Registered large free network hard disk, you can share to share resources, super elite address is: v=MjAwMDI =a

?For example, some of the studio

friends, I will write such words: pass or snail speed? Come to the use of ultra fast super good free network hard drive, let you pass the time concentrated in 30 seconds to fix, the address is: v=MjAwMDI=a

?Although the

group is more difficult to separate, but it can quickly let the different groups of people to understand the registration of the product is used, what kind of convenience.

third resource posts

resource posts are willing to hook the way. We classify the audience according to the characteristics of the data bank, and make an analysis of their active sites, and put them in different places for those who like them

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