How to make money website development path

              I am also a novice webmaster and a lot of friends, they China grassroots webmaster, believe the number is certainly more scary, it also makes the webmaster on the not very popular, it is difficult to do, do website is more difficult to do it is difficult to make money.

on how to make money on the individual station, how to develop a few points of my view.

personal station how to make money

1, if your site is just on the line, do not want to make money, to make up (how to do web site traffic flow is beyond the scope of this article, but I want to say is do garbage flows do not do, unless you think you stand for garbage flow.


2, advertising alliance, how to do? The direction of development of Internet advertising is certainly similar sales this kind of advertising (because if you are ads, you will definitely love this on the way, the second is the competition, advertisers advertising choice too much), I want to say is the content of each station has a location, which makes this website has the user group, must choose relevant advertising and website content so when advertising on the site, do not see what the advertising price as what ads, so that it will influence the website user experience.

3, the use of web products to make money, such sites are often more successful website can do, so we try to make their site more successful.

4, the use of the site to promote their products, such as you are doing computer sales, you can do a computer class website, use it to promote their own sales of products, good results.

actually make money on the site is roughly these methods, as long as the flexible use of multi thinking, to find a suitable way for their own.

personal website how to develop

website development direction is only a portal station, which is the development direction and goals of the site. I want to say is the development of the website is the first to earn money, you do not like a personal station can spend a lot of money to promote their own websites, for a long time without income, has the money into money, this is not realistic, so as long as the "personal website how to make money" well, do not worry about the development of the website the.

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