Relive the old useful QQ chat room to make money

renew ancient useful QQ chat room to make money! This is the old way before we do Wangzhuan! Don’t say obsolete methods! It’s too much stretch! QQ chat room is the oldest one creative, but also the operation for a long time, so far, there are countless people in the operation the project, but this is an inexhaustible, inexhaustible source of traffic, but who also can monopolize the market.

QQ chat room is very popular, and most are looking for exciting men, women rarely. So an ordinary chat room, on what day can easily get such a high profit? A machine can land 6 QQ, enter the 18 chat rooms. Members are required to use QQ, but also use the coral version of QQ.

why use the member QQ, member QQ a month but also 10 dollars, the purpose of using the member QQ is to make the QQ in the chat room in the list of top – ranking.

why the use of coral version of the QQ, it is because the coral plug can be set to allow QQ on the machine does not have a video header in the case of a video display. Do these two jobs, then the QQ will be ranked in the chat room, and there is a video. Then the QQ is set to the name of the female, a little elegant, elegant if not easy to kick, and then write the address in the QQ that is its own web site, each QQ can visit the 3 chat rooms, chat rooms like this 18 day in and out of countless people, because men are have a habit of inside, that is to find a beauty video chat, if this beauty does not pay any attention to himself, then go to the active view of her, when to see these ads QQ information, the man will enter the URL, so hang 18 chat rooms, 1500IP traffic around a day will the meaning of 1500IP is 1500 people.

then the 1500 men is how to give the owner generated a profit of $300, in the last year, the domestic websites are basically doing business is SMS registration, registered mobile phone movie business, mobile phone registered business also includes dating business, video business, film business, so these hang chat the people have chosen the video service, this service is provided by SMS operators, website is only to apply for a piece of code is acting mean, then put this code into their own website, publicity on the line, because the 1500 men are lonely, they are eager to find video, see the video of the SMS registration fees, so naturally to register, every 1500 people have 50 or so with mobile phone registration, each commission is 10 yuan, the To 1500 people have about $500 in revenue. Then the daily income of 5000 yuan is how to do it? The daily income of $5000 is to write the creative people to find someone to write a set of software, and then a machine manually can hang up to chat 18

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