Entrepreneurs anonymous confession this TM is what really want to say to investors

recently a well-known technology blog pandodaily published an article, this article is published in StartupsAnonymous this column, this column is updated weekly, invite entrepreneurs and investors anonymously, share their true feelings, express the most wanted to say, this week’s article is as follows:

I am an entrepreneur, I find the whole process of investment is really annoying. I sincerely hope that they do not have to find the money, so I will be a happy journey of entrepreneurship. It is shown, from the beginning to the end, who can boast who is better, easier access to funds.

if I say no taboo, I want to say to investors:

· my presentation is a PPT file, I was a popular name. I want you to feel that I am not a novice, so I will try to use your expression, although these words make me uncomfortable.

· more than 90% of the content of presentations are nonsense, I was making a mess of the.

· growth chart is only the results of the best performance of the week. I move the data, so as to look better. I spend more time talking about growth, I’m not our story, just to impress investors.

· make a good impression can make financing easier, right?.

· although we melt into the money, but there is no real business promotion.

· as an entrepreneur in financing, it should be said that entrepreneurs can appear as a partner, in addition to money to bring something else; but it isn’t true, I just want the money, the investor’s advice and feedback, I’m willing to tube.

· in fact, it is not right, in addition to your investment, I also hope you can bring more investment.

· for investors, I hope that well-known investors can give us money, so there will be a flock of sheep effect, will attract other investors. Another well-known investors twitter news can help us publicity.

· you ask me, "what is the time plan for this round of financing?". So my answer is: today.

· the answer is that I made up, to create a state of emergency, indicating that our project is very fire, ready to end. You know what I mean, I know it. I hope you can give me an answer, we don’t have to play the guessing game.

· besides, I won’t tell you >

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