Three Alliance CPA D card verification formally launched

dear affiliate member:

ID card verification formally launched it!

. The advertiser names: ID network (

advertisers: identity card network (

identity audit brings you the whole experience, convenient query methods to solve all kinds of troubles in your life:

source nanny or tutor stole home belongings;

source your rental house is leased to the lessee in dark bottom several people, the lessee has since disappeared;

source you pay the rent, but the real landlord that doesn’t know the rent to you;

source you glad I finally found the ideal partner or friend, but ultimately rencailiangkong;

you are the source of remittances, but has not received your purchase items online;

identity verification to solve all of your problems, let you easily fix


type: CPA


: a query by the commission fee of 5 yuan (the China Mobile mobile phone users)

webmaster is divided into 2 yuan to welcome the webmaster to participate in the release of more than


. The advertising effect that period: 30 days

. The settlement period:


more exciting activities in the three league, please look forward to!

three alliance team is willing to work with you to develop the top, and sustainable development.

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