Online education is a tough light Tim is to eat the

Internet practitioners for many years, only to join the field of online education, the industry is difficult to feel. Used to do video, do portal, do electricity supplier, have never had this line tricky. Online education, a lot of fog water is very deep, although all of it coveted, but want to bite off a piece of hard bone is not easy, the relevant domestic products, mostly in the scratching, still can not solve the fundamental problem, the industry for disruptive innovation.

online education can not copy the general idea of the Internet

most of the Internet product model matures, the form of a single, to meet the needs of users is relatively easy, relatively speaking, online education product form is more complex, the user’s expectations are higher. The other is that few people can digest two industries. I found the IT and education point of view is completely different, IT people do not understand the education, education is not IT, the most terrible is that the two are only from our own perspective. In fact, the essence of education or online education, online education is only a means, fun, "means" better, only the odds.

online education is to solve the problem of teaching and learning

education services are teachers and students, first of all need to get the recognition of teachers, teachers must be teaching to bring tangible help or reward. For students, the definition of online education is online learning, which is the only demand, how to make learning to become effective is the ultimate goal. People want to learn more knowledge and skills at a lower price, not just to download some books or watch a few videos, but to teach and learn to combine, create a learning atmosphere, establish a learning culture.

teacher-student relationship, learning atmosphere is the bottleneck


of the road, the person teaching. Classroom interaction, homework, one-on-one counseling, seminars are common forms of learning, online learning also requires a rich, interactive teaching and learning atmosphere, to let the user feel the face is a person, not a machine, is also good mentor friends, this is a spontaneous learning organization, I am not learning, but "we" in learning.

system is a prerequisite, fragmentation is the advantage of

learning is not an overnight thing, step by step, so we can not only do the "point", but to the user to learn a certain skill to do the line and surface, for the user, he got the learning process of all-round series step by step. On the other hand, fragmentation is the unique advantages of the online mode, we can see the translation at any time in the English did not know when the words, we can also see a micro course in waiting for the elevator 3 minutes, for office workers, the use of fragments of time is a kind of trend.

how to learn is more important than what

I want to spend 3 months learning English level 4, in fact, the content of the study is that we want the user to learn how to look at the video, and then exchange some

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