The second tier city entrepreneurial quality Relativity fight or Sike line


Tencent science and technology reported on May 21st

The so-called "

is mature, but not all." Zhao Siming’s words accurately describe their entrepreneurial process.

he has worked in Taobao and Shanda, after experiencing the first line of Internet Co’s product operations decided to leave the business, returned to Xi’an in 2010, did a lot of listening to FM.

the same year, Xin Xiaochen because of less investment, entrepreneurship in Beijing can not be the following. Under careful consideration to return to entrepreneurship in Xi’an, three years, with only a team of 8 people to make the user tens of millions of instrumental applications – file master.

and nearly half a year from the first line of the city to return to the second wave of entrepreneurship, Xin Xiaochen and Zhao Siming can be described as an early escape from the North Canton sample. To some extent, their experience may be able to verify the escape from the North Canton venture on the right and wrong, good and bad, you can also give some entrepreneurs want to escape from the first tier cities.

There are days when

longitudinal and Austria is more indispensable. These first-tier cities north of Guangzhou Shenzhen Venture cost is indeed small start-up companies can not afford, but returning for a second tier city entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship habitat that does not mean it will inevitably usher in a relatively more comfortable route.

left is king

"the survival of a start-up company is only 320 days, so the company wants to live longer." Xin Xiaochen believes that the left is king".

for Xin Xiaochen, under pressure from the cost of returning to the second tier cities somewhat helpless. Why is it back to Xi’an, he felt his bones Shaanxi local complex, a native of Xi’an, and go back. The experience of the entire team composed of a lot of similarities, most people also come back from the field of entrepreneurship.

, in his view, Xi’an is very suitable for R & D center place, not so much "" what effect do brightly coloured R & D engineer. On the other hand, the pace of life in Xi’an is not fast, engineers are willing to where the home, more stable on the whole. By mid 2012, the file master has 11 million users, and access to the source of venture capital and eagle fund support to complete the A round of financing.

look back on their entrepreneurial experience, Xin Xiaochen believes that the second tier cities is not bad, in addition to 360, Jinshan and other Internet Co, I know all the success of the tools used in second tier cities. Such as Camera 360, Android optimization master, etc.. Xin Xiaochen said. He believes that the use of tools is very suitable for second tier cities.

relative to the hinterland of Xi’an this city, the second tier cities in the coastal environment better. Such as Hangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou. These cities already have some well-known Internet Co. Alibaba of Hangzhou natural needless to say, Xiamen has early domain name investment Cai Wensheng, now also.

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