Golden Wangzhuan network marketing if you understand

with the progress of the times, from the traditional newspaper, television marketing, the network has become the current marketing. However, with the increase of the network virus, but also make the network marketing lost the original color, so our marketing strategy should also change. To explore the customer’s psychology, cater to their tastes, both to make their click rate rising, the golden Wangzhuan simply to introduce a few points.

first: Seduction psychology

I remember the time I received in the Internet, want to send me a red window suddenly, I think of possible fraud messages, look into it, then point into a look, really want to send a red envelope, and it is 10 yuan, I ordered "receive", he put it in a virtual wallet in hindsight, sent 10 yuan without pity, then pick a nice coat, there are added paid envelopes, the originally bought 108 coats, 98 I can get. Later, I would like to think that this is my bait, I could not go to buy clothes, as a result of the 10 yuan to send a red envelope, which is the same with the promotion of the truth!

second: through activities to win popularity

has a number of well-known sites, will be held regularly on a number of promotional activities, so that people who do not care about these things will also point the mouse to see. Not only led to the enthusiasm, also inexplicable to pull a lot of tourists, rewarded in our eyes, didn’t take what is in the eyes of customers to easily get the reward, the effect is very good, can also increase the number of posts.

third: rank temptation

has a lot of game levels, and also to their game player rating continues to charge into the enemy ranks. I like to open the drill on the QQ business, but these services are not an open on all the features can be obtained, but through the accumulation of time slowly upgrade, slowly get more features. Some sites also have the corresponding service level, the higher the level, the relative right is bigger, if you want to get more points, as long as you are willing to help the website promotion, launched a link, let more friends to register, your score will be more and more high.

fourth: guided consumption

I like to play a variety of online games, at the beginning of my game is also very resistant to the consumer, but later did not know what the reason for the slowly began to pay for this. Many sites is the use of customer psychology, just started a lot of things are free, in fact, are not free for the future, so that you are willing to be willing to consume. So that their purpose is achieved.

fifth: puerile strategy

many people see a long time favorite things, but also because of its high price, will dispel the idea of buying, but my heart is still not forget for a moment, but if we let him see this thing, with much lower prices than before, he will immediately accept. Although the profits of such sites

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