was the founder of the Luo Luo the three venture is on the verge of death is how to climb out of

a lot of time, entrepreneurship is like a jungle jungle adventure, you think to see the direction, and according to this line, often again and again". Only after a collision, we changed the direction, it is possible to survive. Or, as intime Capital Partners Guo Jia said, startups are more to death and health".

compared to the experience of successful entrepreneurs, the experience of failure of entrepreneurs is actually worth sharing. This is the norm, more referential significance. P2P travel platform shelter me, the founder of the quasi Luo has just experienced the verge of death stage, let us look at his share.

simply say, take me to build a platform to help tourists find local reception, experience the most authentic life. In front of me, there must be two times to start the business, the first is the electronic business platform, a year of financing and successfully sold two times; the second is community service, in order to end in failure.

successful experience is mostly to others. Each success in reality can not be copied, there is a journey not to be divulged, is not the show’s "sunflower".


in July to nearly a month’s time, my night insomnia, I don’t like smoking a cigarette,. Someone told me that I would never give a penny, someone quietly left, someone loudly accused and then disappeared. I can only quietly return to rent a house, peer quietly, quietly pay cut server…… It’s all about living.

at this time to take me, the company accounts less than 200 thousand in cash, only in the compilation of the staff of only 2 people (I and a cashier), the service partner of the two left to help me maintain the server. There are hundreds of teams at home and abroad in the field of personal travel to the P2P, more than a dozen investors pulled out of the digital disappointed, product experience is very dissatisfied with the user, but can not find the direction of improvement.

all the token, we’re finished.


innovation and entrepreneurship have two stages, the first stage is from scratch, that is, from 0 to 1, at this stage, to meet the functional requirements, such as Edison invented the light bulb. The second stage is from there to the best, once the market has a competitor, you must be cost-effective than the opponent, otherwise it was abandoned. Like the difference between energy saving lamps and incandescent lamps.

took me in the first stage to do a good job, seize the opportunity to complete the leap from scratch. But in order to admit the market, the user crazy, she must be easy to use, easy to use, really solve the needs of users to travel to find someone to play. At this point, I was behind.

early shelter in less than half a year in the 31 cities across the country, opened a meeting of the 46, with a total of 18 provincial ambassadors, Guan Peisheng, the 100 thousand members of the. Unique platform models and travel options are exciting for travelers

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