Full network founder Feng Xiaohai announced from Suning future business turnover


technology news (Le Tian) February 18th news, science and technology Tencent was informed today, full network founder, former general manager of Suning life Services Division Feng Xiaohai recently released internal e-mail announcement, did not disclose the reason for leaving and going.

according to sources familiar with Feng Xiaohai, Feng Xiaohai may start again, but has not left, leaving time locked in March. The current successor is the general manager of Suning Beijing Bian agricultural region.

the following is the full text of the message:

You were


in 2015, the Spring Festival is coming, I wish you a new year to work, good health and a happy family! I also wish to announce an important decision, I officially retired full network general manager post today, a month after leaving the full


full network company today by the general manager Su ningyun Beijing Bian agricultural region presided over the group in 2015 continued to increase in the life of O2O business investment, play a full network advantage, expand the service life of Suning’s influence.

as the founder and leader I lead you to experience the unique China venture group war, business from 1 city development to nearly 100 City, and then to today in the operation of local life, tourism, lottery three business line Suning large platform, the peaks and valleys of ups and downs, we fought together to create mutual support. A proud of the performance.

when I look back at the past 5 years, is really the heart full of gratitude have mixed feelings.

today I handed the team leader to the next general manager, but I still feel proud to have been with you. This glory will accompany and inspire me, in the next five years, the next ten years, to climb another peak of life.

is a bosom friend, Tianya zorpia. Although there is a difference, but you still. Maybe one day we will meet again, to ignite the passion. I will treasure together to climb the peak to see the beautiful scenery, thank you all the way.

Feng Xiaohai personal experience:

2009, into the SouFun to participate in Entrepreneurship

2000, enter Motorola (China), any product manager

October 2002, co-founder of love card network

at the end of 2007, CNET $10 million acquisition of a wholly-owned car car network

December 2009, CNET founded in January 2010 left the full network, full online line, has received $20 million financing.

January 2014, Su ningyun announced the acquisition of full network. Feng Xiaohai served as assistant to the president, Su Ningyun, general manager of life service department full network general manager, responsible for the overall Suning, Suning local life group purchase tourism, Suning three lottery business.

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