The great leap forward Entrepreneurial University Entrepreneurship became a feather

wrote a "face the entrepreneurial bubble: a continuous wave yesterday after 90 business failure three reflections", It is as expected today there are a lot of entrepreneurs, and the exchange, hoping to get the so-called "entrepreneurial guidance". Some readers even said that some entrepreneurs can recommend WeChat to me, I would like to pay attention to them, to learn from them.

at that time I reply to such a sentence – the real entrepreneurs who have the time every day to send a circle of friends. This sentence is the original author of one of my friends, he often told me about student entrepreneurs exaggerated story, finally will often use this sentence.

this sentence although some absolute, but to a certain extent reflects the general trend of entrepreneurial frenzy as the great leap forward.

college students crazy entrepreneurial dream

Summer forum in Davos on September 2014

, the first time Li Keqiang issued a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the call in public. This call "style but then no ground for blame," it seems that some zoupian.

in December 10, 2014, the Ministry of Education issued the "notice" on the good employment of 2015 national college graduates, colleges and universities to establish requirements of flexible educational system, allowing students drop out of business.

writer Wu Xiaobo in the "school entrepreneurship" the introduction of this policy was skeptical, said "the college should put the youth wasted in reading, understanding people fall in love in a waste, a college student in the university period began to make money, is actually a very sad thing."

sad is not the College started to make money, but the two words "venture" has become the college students "overnight" demons, I like yesterday in the article said:


saw countless success stories of 90 entrepreneurs envy Yu Jiawen, hope to be like "adorable face" Guo do a "phenomenal" products, get millions of investment, to achieve "overnight".

college students actually more and more. A friend told me that he is one of the world’s top 500 companies, of which two people watching a "Jingdong" after the internship, the heart of the dream of wealth, originally promised three months internship, internship results in less than 10 days to resign, to do a community O2O project. The competent department bluntly attracted stamp with rage, not their own responsible for the future".

university entrepreneurship has become a feather

college students in this impetuous and flashy environment had already become a feather. The great leap forward of university entrepreneurship as a matter, as iron and steel and a star movement.

campus incubator became a small shop

since the start of the country since the call, the campus administrative departments at all levels to respond to the policy, to promote the entrepreneurial behavior of college students is common

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