Women entrepreneurs in 2015 Yang Yin from investors to entrepreneurs

lead: 2014, then IDG China vice president and general manager of the exhibition group IDG Yang Yin once again choose entrepreneurship, join his former team, easy to raise investment".



| Wang Shuai

two venture, has served in IBM and IDG, such a resume is undoubtedly a lot of young people envy. Can Yang Yin each choice but also amazing: 2000, leaving the business in two years after joining the IDG; to eight months after the founder of the Popmap company in the United States NASDAQ listed companies mail.com, then the entry of IBM; two years later returned to the IDG. 2014, when he was vice president and general manager of IDG China Convention and Exhibition Group Yang Yin once again chose to leave the business. Although the two venture for a period of 14 years, but also stood on the air: the first venture is the Internet tide, this is the tide of mobile internet. And the first venture is different, this time she chose to own as an angel investors to participate in a team – easy to raise".

do not know how to do their own big


as early as the beginning of the easy to raise, Yang Yin has been involved as an angel investor, when the team is still doing the traditional congregation to raise. Yang Yin and the original team after repeated discussions and collisions, found that the Chinese market is different from the uniqueness of the European and American markets. The United States is a credit society, there is a good credit system protection. China is a social relationship, if a person does not have a good endorsement, there is no trust at all. In addition, the United States is an immigrant society, there is a tradition of helping strangers, strangers to help them are accustomed to. The Chinese is more closely related to family and friends, China the earliest congregation is to repair the ancestral hall, many people will hold the roots of the idea, no matter how far will do this together.

easy to raise is to seize this feature, WeChat and other social networking platform as a starting point, starting from the social network. So at the beginning, easy to raise a credit system. It is from this time, the team began to make the product really touched Yang Yin.

Yang Yin in the easy to raise the team’s technology and products at the same time, also found that the team lacks professional marketing and publicity management personnel. She believes that easy to raise their own may be an opportunity for transformation.

easy to raise concept refers to the relatively small amount of the public to raise the project, currently available on the platform to easily raise the support of leukemia patients, micro films such public projects, but also the spread of traditional arts and crafts. In the future, easy to raise will also consider some relatively large projects. As Yang Yin said: every industry has the needs of all the chips, so we do not choose the project, but to provide an open platform to raise public."

back to the first venture, Yang Yin

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