2016 open home textile store profit analysis business opportunities

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home textile industry, because we do not have a home textile shop when there is no season, the operation is not divided into cold and warm, regardless of season sales, the four seasons can be hot. The following analysis for you, the four seasons of home textiles business.

1, spring: spring and autumn, summer thin by the hot season. With the rise of the global temperature, the cold winter seems to be getting shorter and shorter, especially in the south of the people obviously feel the winter is a hot summer. It is in the summer thin by the Xia Liangpin, including air conditioning, mat, mosquito nets, bedding products sold, everyone in the summer to prepare. Of course, in the spring, the spring is also a lot of people choose to get married do wine because of the season, when the wedding bed is the best-selling product, at the same time, the marriage room layout of marriage can also drive the kit and core products sales.

2, the summer is seemingly bedding sales in the off-season, in fact, people are still in the process of invasion and resist the hot summer will continue to buy some Liangpin, such as bamboo fiber mat, air cooler is more comfortable and so on. At the same time also for   October wedding season bedding. Of course, a lot of smart businesses can also clear inventory, and do anti season sale, will be more inventory of the old winter is more appropriate price to sell out, which can also drive the sales of the suite of products.

3, the autumn season, warm season, was also a good season sales of core products and sanding class. The wool quilt, duvet as the representative of the warm winter will be welcomed by markets, and sanding class kit products will also be sold, these warm product prices are relatively high, can occupy a large share of the annual sales of textile shop. This is the end of the year, wallet drum, it is time to treat yourself. Therefore, there are more money to invest in the home of this piece, changing bedding is also more willing than usual.

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