How to make their own food and beverage brand bigger and stronger

in many of the venture investment project, what areas to join the most popular restaurant, want to do not dare to say that the second industry first, catering industry investment is so popular is its inherent inevitability of truth. An investment can be big or small, can operate independently, also be associated, join; two investment cycle is short, quick, do on the road, just a few years time, will be able to complete the entire development process from a single store to do the chain, the rapid appreciation of the fund; three is the threshold is not high, jintuiziru. Therefore, do catering has become the first choice for many entrepreneurs first venture.

, however, any business is a science, it is said that the observatory, catering industry, imagination is not so simple. After a large number of "layman" flock to the catering industry, it may soon be able to seize the consumer through the unique dishes and ideas, but then it is difficult to continue to expand the impact of large-scale development of the truth. Not only that, the catering industry water is too deep.

business is difficult, setting more difficult, and to cause bigger and stronger is more difficult. Entrepreneurs can rely on the unique product advantages in the market under the blaze a new trail, but also often stand firm a few years, is to emulate, competition, fake upsets or stepped in scorched by the flames, false investment, blind expansion of the sludge, and also difficult to escape.

food and beverage industry how deep water? Some people say: good hard-working person, do 3 years considered entry; want to walk away when the treasurer, not have closed in March. A restaurant, from site selection to opening, from service to procurement, from ordering to receiving, involves too much knowledge and details. Any details of the flaws, you will be on the scale of the development of the truth buried a mine. The more mines, the greater the risk.

through the food and beverage industry dozens of companies tracking and investigation, business law interpretation entrepreneurs catering enterprises internal mining, food and beverage industry bigger and stronger to the marketing skills and management means, the readers with personal sentiment in this industry management difficulty, detect any possible problems and effective solutions, so as to make the operator across the growth risk, looking for bigger way. Although this article takes the food and beverage industry management case as the key link, but many of these methods can be used in other industries. As long as the operator to join their creative, flexible use, the development of a large.

products can be copied, can copy, but the idea can not be copied, creativity is the spark of thought, and burst due to the accumulation of experience; creativity is to create a market of the sword, with the sword will open up a new territory, to create a new world.

taste Innovation: dare for the world "fresh".

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