Operating car beauty shop location is the focus

car beauty shop franchise first need to do a good job is the location of the problem. If the site is not appropriate, the latter may be in vain again how hard. So what skills should be mastered in the site selection? If you are not clear enough to learn.

Five principles should be a careful analysis of the

1. traffic: car beauty shop to make money to buy the car traffic impact "gold content", for a car beauty shop, shop around the road traffic is a very important indicator.

2. residential environment: the surrounding business environment and the level of the people living in the store, which determines the store coverage of the car ownership and consumption levels.

Convenient import

3. vehicle for different driving direction: to shop in front of the vehicle, avoid flower bed, roadbed, isolation zone facilities, convenience is an important prerequisite for gaining customer mobility.

4. shop can accommodate vehicles the size of the venue: automotive beauty shop operating around the shop to have enough money collection space big, can accommodate more vehicles parked, otherwise will cause a huge loss of business formation resulted in a large passenger flow, if things go on like this will make customers lose interest in order to choose other more convenient service shop. Moreover, shop around stope is usually free, business star car beauty shop management system that it can get more available space in the premise of basic pay rent cost.


5.: a part of car beauty shop business money collection sewage system is also a car beauty shop can not be ignored, because it will affect compliance with environmental requirements, or in the days after the deal with environmental protection inspection will be a headache, and even affect the shop will be permitted to continue operating.

The eight standard


In front of