Shop how to hide the steps

is known to all, if a shop in front of the steps, which will have a great impact on the operation of the store. After all, no one would like to have a lot of steps in front of their own shops, but if used skillfully, perhaps to make up for some of the obstacles to the passenger. Reporters to provide several common coup, of course, should not be affected by the property rights and legal premise to use.

1. smart window. There are two steps in front of a convenience store, compared to the neighboring convenience stores are hot, because his family made a landing window. The window is placed on a large TV screen, landing window outwards, put a few small stool table, a lot of customers into the store to buy drinks will be sitting in front of the TV shade, in contrast, the convenience store will overcome step influence, successfully put the source in front of their own.

2. step when booth. A lot of clothing stores, cake shops, etc., will be placed on the shelves of the great step out of the probe, both showing their products, but also to facilitate customers to buy.

3. take the steps as a buffer. Buffering is a philosophy. There is a toy store, all kinds of toys are placed in front of the three steps on the floor, leaving only one person in the middle of the aisle. All kinds of cartoon toys, with strong impact force attracts the distance to customers, and these customers often went to the door and stopped, artificially bustling hot situation, in fact, the shop was less than 9 square meters. Many customers at the top of the stairs jammed, the pile of toys "Amoy" with my baby.

no one entrepreneur wants their shop on a few steps, however, in the actual process of looking for shops, many of them there is no way to avoid, in the face of this situation, if you can take these steps to "hide", the shop’s business will naturally have a great help. Of course, how to hide, it is learned, but also need to study the operators.

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