What are the 3 elements of the website user experience

good products can attract more consumers, so each product in the market before have to do market research, attention to user experience is wise, because this is the only way to get a good reputation, the product can be more popular.

now? How to feel? Is not to do the test work immediately.

1, reduce the number of HTTP requests

the user opens a web page, the background program is not much response time required by the user, the user to wait for the time spent on the download page elements, namely HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, pictures, statistics show that every increase of one element, the web page load time increase 25-40 MS (depending on the bandwidth of the user).

1) to reduce unnecessary HTTP requests, such as the use of CSS rounded corners instead of rounded corners, to reduce the use of pictures.

2) merge files, for text files, you can directly merge content. For example, a number of JS (JavaScript) file into one, multiple CSS files into one.

3) cache optimization, no change page elements (such as the header, footer etc.), the user to visit again when there is no need to download, read directly from the browser cache can be.

2, using CDN (ContentDeliveryNetwork, content distribution network)

CDN consists of a series of Web servers scattered to different geographic locations, which specify a server to respond to user requests based on the proximity of the user to the network. When you have a lot of pictures of the site, it is necessary to use CDN, such as the current electricity supplier website, almost all in the use of CDN.

3, the compressed page element < / recommendation

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