Operating rice cake by feature win

likes to eat a lot of cake, whether it is a birthday or usual, cake sales are very good. Now the cake family has a new member, from China’s Taiwan rice cake is made, soft, sweet and delicious, is a kind of convenient rice food for all ages. If the operation of rice cake, must be able to win by feature.


directly with rice made the birthday cake, can improve the practice of Japanese sushi to steamed rice, also can be directly mixed in ordinary glutinous rice steamed rice inside, increase the viscosity. Then add the ham, dried meat floss, peanuts and other materials used to Steamed Rice sandwich, die pressed into cake shape. You can choose decorative exquisite material Mashed Potato, egg yolk etc.. Small cake is fresh Penglai rice after soaking into rice milk, milk, tea, etc. in taro flavor steamed, taste very elastic.

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for the majority of small investors, management of rice cake is indeed the choice of business is very good, let you easily become rich. Interested friends do not miss oh!


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