Shandong Laixi university students to support entrepreneurship

for college students entrepreneurship, local governments have to give policy support and subsidy policies to support college students to start their own employment. In Shandong, Laixi, to carry out the project solicitation activities, college students can get funding support for eligible projects can enjoy a one-time subsidy of 500 yuan.

Shandong City, Laixi college students to participate in the work of the project is positive to the community, through the identification of entrepreneurial projects will be incorporated into the Qingdao college students entrepreneurial project library. Each project will receive a one-time subsidy of 500 yuan, the preferred recommendation to apply for YBC (China Youth Entrepreneurship international plan) to support the fund’s $30 thousand ~5 million, and entrepreneurial mentor one on one and many other concessions.

according to reports, the collection of the venture industry classification animation advertising design, hardware and software development, culture and media, bio pharmaceutical, environmental protection, e-commerce and other 11 kinds of life and entertainment services, covering almost all of the industry.

Shandong Laixi implemented from funding grants and entrepreneurship training and other aspects of the preferential policies to promote local employment population, improve more students’ entrepreneurial success rate, add new impetus to the development of local economy.

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