Her rumored boyfriend is willing to seek Xifeng million sound gifts to marry

days ago, 90 entrepreneurs, Xifeng rumored boyfriend Yang Lei in micro-blog voice, he told her to marry him, and said to marry 10 million gifts. It is understood that Yang Lei is currently engaged in creative toothpaste industry, and become a toothpaste poet. Many netizens questioned the hype of their products is to borrow fengjie.

2015, it’s a eventful year. At the end of the occasion, because of a micro-blog Xifeng, a male confidant, a male god was on the headlines, I became her husband logical network, folk music, I am drunk; she thought about how this is not important, because she is open-minded, than you and I are open-minded.

Before the

if not media rendering, the micro-blog Xifeng, that male confidant, just in general but micro-blog; magnifier rendering the occurrence of the event in the media; I was born this so-called Phoenixv; friends are laughing to ask me what is the feeling? To be honest, do not feel shameful, nor funny, but not deliberately speculation; it all happened naturally.

Fengjie fire I believe is not speculation, because her true to the competition of family background fight face in a slap in the face, to live in the hypocritical world you slap me; and don’t laugh at you, I live as Xifeng clear, the spirit world as true as Fengjie, Sister Feng heart open-minded, in addition to your lips than her thick lips good to hear or see, what we have left?

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