Tencent President Tang Daosheng how to look at the development opportunities of O2O

business era is coming, there seems to be no mystery, but the O2O is very violent storm, blowing through every corner of the business market, all walks of life are affected, then the Tencent is a development opportunity for how to look at this O2O?

6 19, the highly anticipated summer world O2O Fair held in Beijing National Convention center. More than 2 thousand companies from the world’s 15 countries, the elite of the industry to attend the conference, Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent Inc, Tencent has brought the perspective of the O2O field of view.

O2O market is full of opportunities and challenges

however, opportunities and challenges coexist, the vast majority of users expressed their fear, this fear is mainly concentrated in the services and products are reliable, personal information is safe, the fees are too high. 30% of people worry about clothes can be washed clean, and 27% of people worry about whether the disclosure of information, and the number of people worried about the charges are too high, only about 4% of people said that there is no fear of the place of 55%.

for a variety of market users worry, enterprises should be how to solve? Tang Daosheng believes that the need to solve a series of problems, including many and decentralized business resources, information recognition, service standardization, quality of service monitoring and other issues, can be a great deal to solve the user’s concerns. By addressing these issues, businesses and entrepreneurs can find more opportunities.

"a cloud multiport upgrades O2O business model

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