Small gold recovery wastewater Nobel Meijia water heater business selling

we have a lot of people are great people, and they do not say how great things, because they do a lot of ordinary things that make us more admiration, such as entrepreneurship, some people just say, but people really have to this ideal has been trying to today, to tell you a story.

31 and Daike was born in Chenzhou city in rural areas of Hunan Province, in 1999, he graduated from the school of electrical engineering south to Guangzhou to work, learn a lot of knowledge and technology, have experience in maintenance of hydropower plant. In the meantime, he had to do some new patented products, although repeatedly hit the wall, but he did not lose heart.

2004, he went to Hunan in Zixing city to find a part-time salesman of the electric water heater, one day in April of that year, there are users to update the water heater, gas water heater and knocked down a small gas tank, generation division spent 20 yuan to buy down, and immediately back to the rental installation.

2005 New Year’s Eve, generation branch did not go home, on the thirty night to take a bath, for gas light, suddenly without hot water. Squat down to check the gas generation section, flow down the hot water pipes under the hot, suddenly thought: if the generation by using a method of collecting the heat, these waste water recycling, not achieve energy-saving purposes?

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2011 at the beginning of this project was awarded the national patent certificate and the Hunan provincial science and technology invention award.

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