What are the characteristics of pizza brand projects

now there are many businesses choose to open a pizza shop, this western style fast food charm in the end how much? Ask the young man you know! What are the characteristics of the market to join the pizza brand? Now Xiaobian to understand, do not miss.

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select several Margherita pizza shop classic delicacy in the traditional Italy delicacy on every delicacy will make you full of praise!   Margherita pizza has four characteristics: fresh pastry, senior high-quality cheese, pizza sauce and fresh fillings. Cake must be done every day, flour is generally used in the spring and winter two season of wheat flour from the first class, so that the cake will be made at the end of the outer layer of crisp, soft inside. Pure cheese is the soul of pizza, authentic pizza are generally rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium extremely low calorie Mirza Leela (Mozzarella) cheese.

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