nvestment to Jin to the pelvis bone need how many money

pelvis catering to join the project to choose what is good, Xiao Bian think to pound to pelvic bone is very good, the investment cost is not high, to have the advantage, or entrepreneurial wealth quality brand, so how can the catering investment projects you miss?

investment to pound to the pelvis bone need how many money?

bone to Jin to pelvis according to the present situation of changing consumer awareness, innovation. New dishes, break through the traditional fast food production technology is not easy to copy, the taste is difficult to grasp, the service is not standardized, quantify the shortcomings of inaccurate, the production process flow, digital, truly fool type operation.

bone to join the new service to pound the pelvis, change the traditional Chinese single model of rigid, status of service quality is different, close to the customer psychological needs, improve customer participation, to create a warm home for customers.

bone to Jin to pelvis jiamengfei bone to how much money? Jin to the pelvis jiamengfei according to the size and shop level vary, the minimum 70 thousand, maximum 100 thousand, provincial shop is 100 thousand, the store is 70 thousand, the middle of the city store cost is 90 thousand! Also received a gold card released: 10 thousand design fee: 8000 yuan! Shop 130-200 square meters so operators: 8-10! Open up or profit is very impressive! Open items: free delivery (data items list).

the above is the simple introduction to the bone to the pelvis Jin investment to join friends, please advice.