Teach you to open a cartoon toy store

in recent years, the animation is very popular, animation toys are also more and more popular, many friends have seen this business opportunities. Would like to open a toy store, you have not thought about how to do? It is not enough to be filled with blood and passion. Today Xiaobian will take you to see how to open a successful animation toy store.

1, funding problems

The biggest problem facing

if your start-up capital is only 3, 50 thousand yuan, the money can be divided into three blocks: one is business shop rent and transfer fees, cartoon toy store business area is not too big, 30 square meters is enough, so the store annual rent of 15 thousand yuan; two is the decoration fee simple decoration fees for stores, around 5000 yuan is enough; three is the purchase price, the first purchase costs 10000 yuan can be solved; the rest of the money for liquidity.

2, scientific location is necessary

3, fitting enough to novel


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