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investment and financing sector with the popularity of mobile Internet and speed, the formation of the online shopping environment, the user’s mobile consumption habits, China has entered a new era of mobile Internet consumption. Carry out the "Internet plus" products and services more and more enterprises, but because of the lack of suitable business model and profit mechanism, can not effectively integrate online and offline resources, can not accurately grasp and solve the user pain points, mostly in a large number of non profitable burn.

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in the O2O market after the burn, then it will become more rational, any one business model is to be profitable to make sense, and entrepreneurs need is a healthy state of such. At present, although O2O so fire, but the market share is not even 5%, so the future of the market space is very large, but also healthy and stable development.

if you have a dream, why care about the departure time? Shanghai Yin Sheng network technology founder Yu Jiechun in the communications industry for ten years, my heart has been a mobile Internet entrepreneurs dream of seeds, although no longer as young as 90, but still can not stop the seed germination. Compared with the young entrepreneurs, Jiechun in a more mature, in the official before the start, he discuss the micro business marketing model with another founder, drops a taxi sharing economic model, the research on business model of O2O pain points, after a full business model demonstration and market research, a mass the characteristics of the era of entrepreneurship for young people to drink the super APP book about Tesco was born.


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"appointment" four functions sharing, the formation of consumer closed-loop

first heard about book ", you might guess, this is a so-called about gun artifact, this time you are wrong! About set" is different from the general concept of simple social dating or trading platform, which integrates a variety of resources, has four functional modules: "about", "set", "enjoy", "buy". Yu Jiechun specific introduction is as follows:

1, "about" in addition to basic dating chat function, will increase the private custom, activities and other special functions, will be "about" into a very strong interaction of the plate, and the "about" and other three modules will be opened, "drainage about" Introduction to flow to "set" and "buy" to the consumer.

2, "set" in addition to public comment, the U.S. group booking takeaway function, cable and other features on a la carte ranking, while sharing a profitable business model to store the line can make the shop outside income, they are more willing to make the platform more settled, the advantages of offline store and can Book Mall O2O offline experience store combination, can put in the customer waiting area cloth advertising machine, zero inventory to sell on the platform million profit discount products.

3, buy, will create a network of specialty stores, to ensure genuine, so that members assured online shopping. At the same time, combined with the line experience store, on-line

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