An analysis of entrepreneurial advantages in two or three tier cities

rapid development of China’s first tier cities, a high degree of market saturation, it is almost difficult for entrepreneurs to break into. The two or three line of the city there are a lot of activity space, so the choice of a new generation of entrepreneurs.

years ago appeared to flee North Canton wave, so many people can not afford first-tier cities pressure back to the two or three line of the city. More than 95% of China’s investment occurs only in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen these big cities, in the two or three tier cities, the probability of obtaining financing is very low.

if you choose entrepreneurship should enjoy it, even in the most entrepreneurial muddy road. This process should not compare. A series of facts have told us that the enterprise bigger is not necessarily a good thing, so the pressure will be greater. We do not just envy some of the success of the magic and fast, but should be seen behind the bloody and tragic. We have a good rhythm in the second tier cities to enjoy the happiness of entrepreneurship, to do a little peace of mind and no bad Beauty Company.

Internet infrastructure is not a tool, but to change power and efficiency. We in the Internet era, as the founder in the two or three line of the city business, not only pulled the car, but also to look up at the starry sky, to strive for their own entrepreneurial projects and Capital Internet plug in the wings, you can survive in this era and based on.

first, the industry and the "Internet plus" combination. The new model is nothing more than to optimize the efficiency of the industry, create new value, improve the user experience. Thinking of the traditional industries, especially in the consumer, service industries on the Internet to do the transformation and upgrading, it is necessary to change the traditional model, improve efficiency.

Second, when you want to link with first-tier cities, especially when they suffer no advanced mode, you must learn to hold the thigh". Looking for a number of growth firms to do his local partner, so that both the antenna and ground gas, you not only learned the business, but also the accumulation of recommended

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