Liang Donghai’s business

said that this year’s business is not good to do, after all, the environment for the store’s business has a great adverse impact. However, the same store business has been booming development, which is worth learning for the business. This article describes the Liang Donghai is the case, there is worth learning business skills.

"beam boss," to the Dragon ‘(treasures)!" "Lao Wang, you are just right! I just open a bag of "dragon" (the time), fine cigarette, coffee, sit down and try to!" In June 29th, Yi Le convenience store from the East China Sea Smoke cabinet girder took out a ‘Dragon’ (treasures), after the scan code to the customer and Lao Wang, from the coat pocket and pulled out a pack of "dragon" (the time), out of the counter, and Wang came to the store experience.

"beam boss, this smoke is really good, give me a bag of it, I go back and ask the brothers to try!" Liang Donghai received the money, with a smile away customers, then told the author about his business. The 80 after the owner, his face full of confidence.

appropriate: store transformation and upgrading to local conditions

Liang Donghai Yi Salome convenience store has been opened fourteen years old, is located in Guangxi city of Nanning Qingxiu District, Avon road a residential area, and South Lake Park across the street, shop location. Community residents are a major source of tourists, the consumption level in the high-end.

only 10 months ago, one should be a convenience store or a small grocery store, variety of goods, management mode and profit level and now is also a world of difference.

"in August 15, 2015, to le convenience stores has milepost significance." Nanning City Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company) customer manager He Yaodi on the transformation process of Yi Salome convenience store impressed, she said, "since that day, Liang boss started the transformation from the inside to the outside of the store, less than two months, should have a new one convenience store."

"you do not look at the store is very spacious, when I was only eight or nine square metres of a small shop for sale, the rest of the external rental." Liang Donghai emotion, affected by the current consumer environment, the grocery store business is also difficult, he began to consult the tobacco journal, business guide, etc., are increasingly aware of their own shops had to be transformed and upgraded.

in the new Yaodi "matchmaking", Liang Donghai repeatedly apply to Jiangnan, Qingxiu District terminal image model shop visit and study. After half a month of investigation, Liang Donghai feel, with respect to tall on the smoke Hotel, convenience stores seem to be more suitable for the surrounding consumer environment. When he and He Yaodi discussed it, they were more certain of the idea

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