Some financing problems need to be solved in the initial stage of entrepreneurship

there are a lot of people will want to do business, especially some young people, but do not know what is before the start, must first learn is how to grasp the important method of financing, financing.

and must rely on their own funds in the early stage of entrepreneurship, from the sales of actively looking for customers, the business income is the motive force of development. There are also a small number of investment companies specialized in early stage (early ) project, in order to obtain a high rate of return. Even in this early start to get investors to take care of the situation, entrepreneurs also need to invest a portion of its own funds, if the entrepreneurs themselves are reluctant to take any risk, how do you expect others to take risks.

early entrepreneurs how to finance


Mining internal funds resources

before seeking external funding, first look at the internal financial resources do not make full use of

1. enterprise should have a good cash flow forecasting system;

2. provide sufficient incentives to customers to encourage them to pay in time;

3. has strict credit evaluation procedures for customers;

4. do a good job of payment plan for suppliers;

5. to do its best to ensure sales revenue;

6. control inventory;

early entrepreneurs how to finance


seek external funding resources

if internal resources have been fully utilized, then look at what external resources:

1. your own or your partner’s funds

2. family or friends of the funds

3. the company’s current account bank overdraft or loan may

4. agents should be paid or discounted bills

5. (sold to sell rent rental company to rent the asset)

6. government or public sector free or subsidized loans

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