t’s okay to do a little business

have the character is easy seriously, a little loss cannot eat, a contradiction between this will often lead to stores and customers, business development is affected by the. A few years, the depths of memory has been a thing of the purchase shop soon the heart ashamed, ashamed, things in the past five years after the two installment of the courage to say.

the thing is, I often go to the shop soon, the two batch of dealer stock sales, once the goods back into a little, I am in a hurry, went back to the two installment, that fewer people issued a two batch of goods, taking nothing, smiling to me fill a piece of goods. Back after carefully recall the details of the goods is enough for my family, should be a loss in the shop on the way back, although I since then I have been in her purchase, but we never mentioned it, I have not timely correction. It was not until five or six years later, I was the two installment to mention it, she smiled and said to me: "I know I did not send the wrong goods, but see you worried, surrounded by a circle of my regulars, in order to safeguard the reputation, will give you a supplement."

as the saying goes: "a customer, ten policy transactions," many of our shop owners have ignored the importance of this sentence. It is a mistake to see the owner and the customer constantly arguing over the matter of two stars and even the body language. Do not think that losing a customer without what, however, if we can not treat every customer, and make him satisfied, then the loss is difficult to count, not only lost the argument of customer, and likely to lose his friends and watch other onlookers, the store is out of fame large, this is the chain reaction.

in my daily business, often meet to Zhanxiaopianyi customers, I meet them, such as selling cigarettes to lighter, soy sauce, vinegar, raisins and pointed out that customer dissatisfaction, I will finish later half, useful plastic bags soy sauce and vinegar, he broken lost bag vinegar sauce, said I provide plastic bags is not strong, I met with two plastic bags from the new set up, because I was a long-term business in the stock market in the.

is not willing to eat a small loss, and ultimately lost a lot of profits, so that if the shop to do business, a small loss to eat does not matter, and sometimes it will help the development of store business. There is a saying: good luck. Eat a small loss, but we maintain their reputation, the customer is willing to often patronize the store business. "Endure for a moment of anger, lest hundred days of sorrow", as long as it is done, oneself still have mood?

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