Meishan poor families do not spend money

in our living environment, because the level of economic development is not the same, many of the local people’s living standard has been greatly improved, but there are still many areas of economic development is relatively backward, so that many poor people are ill at. "Old week, how these days?" In November 27th, Qinglong Town Pengshan District Meishan City lion village 6 groups of poor households filing riser Zhou Zhiyun received the village first secretary Wang Jieyu on the phone. Wang Jieyu told him another piece of good news. "You rest at home to rest, such as inflammation disappeared, please Chengdu Hospital experts to give you surgery."

11 18, Zhou Zhiyun has just been discharged from the Pengshan District People’s hospital. Suffering from gastrointestinal stromal tumor Zhou Zhiyun 7 days of hospitalization, a total cost of $9585, but he did not have a penny, zero payment end of the treatment. Not only that, the hospital also returned him to spend 367 yuan in February 23rd this year.

a penny spent in hospital, this is why?

Director of

Meishan poverty and Immigration Bureau Yang Daxing introduction, Meishan has a total of 316 poor villages, 109 thousand and 400 people living in poverty, in early July of this year after screening found poverty population is 41 thousand and 200 people, accounting for 4 of the total number of about into poverty. He admitted that the causes of poverty, poverty (poverty) the "smoke primer", constantly requires the expenditure of the cost of treatment so that poor households "one disaster after another".

48 year old Zhou Zhiyun had been working in Guangzhou, early last year found with gastrointestinal stromal tumors. In the local treatment for a few months, it will be used for many years to run out of savings. So, he only with his wife and daughter back to Qinglong Town lion village. Although the basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance can be reimbursed as part of, but because each treatment cost, one is to advance advance, you need two part of the burden of still more, he did not dare to go to the hospital for treatment.

, however, the former Meishan issued the "Meishan participatory poverty population medical security plan" that he snatched from the jaws of death. According to regulations, participatory poverty in the "ten exemptions and four subsidies" basis, not to pay the hospital payment, no hospitalization deductible. In January 1st this year -9 month 11 days during the period of hospitalization, medical institutions in participatory poverty population within the city, individual cost control in the total cost of 10%, after September 12th, poor households filing riser in the county hospital "zero pay", 100% reimbursement of medical expenses.

11 10, this medical security, a card a window and a stop in the city of Meishan officially launched major hospitals. "Old week, go to hospital treatment! Don’t need your money!" In November 10th, Wang Jieyu received a message arrived at the home of Zhou Zhiyun and tell him the good news, immediately to the village of poverty caused by poor households to notice. Because Zhou Zhiyun was suffering from a malignant tumor

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